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Recyclable materials must be placed in containers provided by the Borough or cut and baled, tied, bundled, stacked, or packaged. Recyclable materials may include clear glass, colored glass, aluminum steel and bimetallic containers, high-grade office paper, newspapers, corrugated paper, and plastics.

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Recycable Items:

There has been some miscommunication as to what items Vogel allows for recycling.  Below is the response we received from Vogel regarding what items are indeed recyclable within the Borough: 

Thank you for your letter requesting clarification on acceptable recyclable materials. I am attaching the latest recycling flyer that has been published for our customers. I am also including a link that helps to explain the changes that are happening in recycling.  All this information is available on our website.

We appreciate your desire to help us educate our Customers to the changes that have happened in recycling nationwide. The subject of glass recycling has been in the news frequently.  To address your specific question about glass, we have chosen to not list it as recyclable because that is incorrect in PA DEP's eyes.  We are held to strict regulations by our government and can be fined significantly for violations.  TC Recycling reuses any glass for a beneficial use as landfill cover material at the end of each operational day.  We prefer to not receive glass for many reasons and so we have removed it from the accepted list but not placed it on the unacceptable list.  Here is a short list of reasons.  Glass breaks easily creating a hazard for all employees and it contaminates the other materials making the cardboard, paper and plastic materials less valuable and much harder to sell to the recycling commodities market.  Glass causes significant wear on our equipment and our employees still hand sort recyclables.  There is no cost effective way for TC Recycling to sell the glass as a commodity.  These problems for recycling glass are industry wide and that is why Companies are not accepting glass for recycling.  TC Recycling would prefer that glass not be included in the recycling stream.  In summary, glass creates more cost and hazard with no benefit for the Company.   Unlike our competitors, if glass happens to end up in the recycling stream from a residential household we will not refuse it.  It is best to dispose of it with the trash.

There are several articles on our website to assist in understanding the changes in the industry.  

 There are also many news stories reguarding this subject, here is one from May 2019 done by WPXI: