Website Policy



The purpose of the Borough of Zelienople’s website is to provide the Citizens with information about the Borough’s government services as well as information about the activities in the Zelienople Community and the surrounding area, at the discretion of the Borough Manager. In establishing and maintaining its official web site, the Borough does not intend to create a forum for public discourse, exchange of opinions, or discussion on issues of any nature. Zelienople’s website and permitted external links shall provide information of a factual nature about the community of Borough of Zelienople as well as its neighbors and the various services and resources available. 


In the event that a non-profit organization, charitable organization or religious organization located within the Borough of Zelienople requests that information about their organization be placed on the Borough’s website, such request must be made in writing and submitted to the Borough Manager. The Borough Manager has the sole discretion to grant or deny any request. 


The Zelienople Borough’s website may provide links to the websites of businesses and organizations located in the Borough. The Borough is not responsible for and does not endorse any of the information on any linked website. All links shall be posted at the discretion of the Borough Manager. The Borough of Zelienople reserves the right to remove any link for any reason it deems appropriate.

The criteria listed below will be used to decide whether to grant requests for links on the Zelienople Borough’s website. If a request does not fit the requirements, the Borough Manager shall approve the request if it is deemed to serve the best interests of the Borough.

The Borough may provide links to websites for the following:

  • Government Entities
  • Emergency Departments
  • Schools
  • Community Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Businesses Located Within the Borough of Zelienople
  • The Local Chamber of Commerce

The Borough will not provide links to websites for the following:

  • Political Candidates
  • Political Organizations
  • For-Profit Business or Organizations unless they fit the criteria listed above. 


The Borough of Zelienople strives to ensure that the content listed on the website is as accurate as possible but the information contained on the website does not reflect the opinion or position of Zelienople Borough. No information contained on the Borough website is considered official. The Borough Manager shall have the discretion to place or remove content on the Zelienople Borough website.

"Manager’s Corner" – The Manager’s Corner is the section of the website where the Borough Manager has the opportunity to share thoughts and information with the Public.

"Council Comments" – The Council Comments section of the website is where the Borough Council has the opportunity to communicate with the community and share their opinions and positions.

The content of both the Manager’s Corner and the Council Comments, shall be at the discretion of the Borough Manager.