Borough Ordinances

Borough Ordinances


The residents of the Borough of Zelienople are subject to laws and regulations promulgated at the Federal, State and County levels.  Additionally, Zelienople has established ordinances which address local issues such as trash burning and recycling, restriction of riding bicycles on Main Street sidewalks, and responsibilities of property owners in regard to water service lines.  These local laws are published as the "Code of Ordinances of the Borough of Zelienople", which in printed form is several hundred pages. These Ordinances are available for viewing at the Borough Office.

The Borough of Zelienople's "Code of Ordinances" is also maintained online. The electronic version is provided for information only and should not be considered the official version of the code. Please consult the printed version before citing provisions of this code. If inconsistencies exist between this electronic version and the printed edition, the printed edition will be considered definitive.

Zelienople's Borough Code
Pennsylvania Borough Code
Zoning Ordinance
Zelienople Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance
Main Street Factsheet for Signs in the C-1, Central Business

Notice: The ordinances provided on the Zelienople Home Page are unofficial as the Borough recognizes that the Internet is not immune from illegal entries.  If legal use is to be made from this information, it is advised that TRUE COPIES be requested from the Borough office.